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The Extra: Main Project

A twenty-something-year-old lesbian inexplicably becomes a double of herself. While in hiding in the woods, she struggles to stave off loneliness and madness, and face the strangeness that is seeing herself, from afar, as an outsider would.

Category: General fiction, science fiction (sci-fi) light

How better to procrastinate writing than to create an amateur book cover1 on

Though the idea for this novel began as something different, the characters, settings, and sci-fi influence have been with me since 2009. Late one night in 2015, I wrote the entire outline on my phone, in bed, in the dark, where it stayed till around my 26th birthday in 2017, when I reoutlined the book during an inspired week. I'm still in the planning stage, occasionally writing and scrapping a scene. Things are going well.

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Other Projects

The Background Actor, cowriting with my husband, Jamie E. Stevens (since 2017)
♦ A poetry collection, tentatively titled Found (since 2016)
♦ Various poems (my whole life)

1Cojuelo devil image used for mock covers above is from a painting by Leopoldo (Lepe) Pérez. The artwork was commissioned by Yellow Pages (Codetel), in Dominican Republic, c. 1980s to be used as a phonebook cover. My mom worked there at the time, and this devil, cut out of a phonebook, hung in our home.

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