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Once upon a time, I placed poems throughout the cities and places I visited (friends who were better-traveled helped). But doing this mostly alone became a to-do list rather than a way to share poetry.

If you like the idea of sneaking poems into the world to be found by unsuspecting passersby, keep reading. It's easy.

Here are some guidelines and tips:

What Poems to Choose

Base the pieces on your taste. Trusting our own tastes is one thing humans do really well after all.


Feel free to write #PlacePoetry on the poem, take a picture, and post it on your social media. The project has an Instagram and a Facebook.

You might also want to write "Keep or Leave?" to make it obvious that the option to take the poem or leave it for the next person is there.

Download the Stamp

Steal this stamp!

Reuse Paper or Get Creative

  • Reuse old paper. Handwrite the poem (legibly) or insert a repurposed sheet into your printer. Make sure no personal information appears. (For example, printing on the other side of a recipe is great, but don't print on the other side of a paystub, unless you've 100% blacked out all personal details.)
  • Don't use paper at all. Get creative (write a poem in the sand, on fogged glass...or in the sky via plane).

Where to Place Poems

Use common sense, and be careful around private property: in the US, it's illegal to insert anything unstamped into mailboxes, and you don't want to trespass either.

Copyright Considerations

This project relies on the principle of fair use. For more on fair use, check out the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Poetry.

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Pic of Placed Poem

Pic of Placed Poem

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